Don't know what you want me to say here. The name's Apollo. 20 year old bro. Been addicted to this Tumblr thing since I was 16. I love all of y'all so don't be a stranger and hit up that ask box. I mean c'mon. Who wouldn't want to talk to a Grecian God? ;)
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"We will defeat you together.

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Vic being cute as fuck (◠‿◠✿) x

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Cute couple stuff all over my dash. Can’t deal with this when I know I only disgust you.

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I feel worthless and disgusting. I don’t deserve anything other than solitude.

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Reblog this if you are literally suprised when people find you attractive.

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I wish I was worth it. But I’m not.

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do you ever get really motivated to do something and you get really excited about it and then when you get home you’re just like nah

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